The bulletin board

You can tell a lot about a person by what they have on display in their room/home/office/wherever.

All of these items were deemed worthy enough to go on display on my bulletin board. Tell me what you think.

  • Three dried roses (purple, yellow and red).
  • A picture of my daddy with a little puppy version of Grady.
  • My best friend Kevin sitting on a steeple and looking out at our mud-covered track (this is quite possibly the best photo I’ve ever taken).
  • A picture of Robby and me at our favorite place: the waterfall.
  • A seeing eye dog calendar I got for free from the JMC office because nobody else wanted it.
  • The ticket to that hockey game we went to a couple of weeks back for my daddy’s birthday.
  • My name tag from Communications Day 2011.
  • My name tag from the Board of Trustees dinner two weeks ago.
  • Three fortunes (two you’ve seen in a recent post).
  • A card from my mama (it reads “Emmie  – you are the sprinkles on the donut of life”).
  • A framed article I wrote for  The Buffalo News NeXt  quite a few years ago.
  • A photo of my best friend Kevin and I at graduation.
  • A photo of Papa and me; the second-to-last photo we ever took together.
  • My movie ticket for the latest Underworld movie.
  • Three valentines.
  • Ticket to the SBU women’s basketball game at Binghamton in November.
  • SBU Hip Hop show tickets.
  • “IOU PIZZA” card from Denny (still have yet to see said pizza).
  • A leaf caught before it hit the ground. (“This leaf has never touched the ground before” – Sarah Mars.)
  • Two pictures of Robby and me.
  • A heart made from a gum wrapper.
  • A picture of my favorite tree.
  • A card that reads “CHOICES” and another that reads “MOTIVATION.”
  • One of my business cards that came out wrong, as a reminder that things don’t always go as planned the first time around.
  • My Denny dollar.
  • A10 Honor Roll certificate.
  • Coloring page from Sarah for my birthday.
  • Certificate of Achievement for last semester.
  • Name tag for the JMC Honors Dinner.
  • A picture of Papa in an angel frame.
  • A letter from Robby for my birthday.

Can you figure out what kind of a person I am through these items? Probably not, but you’ll probably at least get an idea.

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