The real, real world

Last semester, it amazed me that kids – no, 18- and 19-year-old adults – had no clue how to do their own laundry.

Then the complaints about campus food began.

In my opinion, the Hickey does a very good job keeping everyone fed. There are plenty of options and, though sometimes the menu is repetitive, at least there is still food to consume. None of these “adults” realize how bad the food was just a few years ago. There is no room to complain now.

Besides doing your own laundry and your homework, of course (that’s what you came here for, right?), everything is pretty much taken care of. At Bonaventure (much like plenty of other schools), making your own food isn’t necessary. You can leave a mess in the bathroom in your hall and expect it to be gone the next morning once the housekeeper has made her/his way through.

I travel down to the bathroom in my hall and see how people don’t even make an effort anymore. The expectation to have the bathroom cleaned the next morning is there, so why should anyone bother cleaning up after himself/herself? If you have a home life like mine, you’ll soon know that expecting someone else to clean up your mess for you is not acceptable. I hope “adults” here are not taking these behaviors home with them.

Last night I took a shower in the fourth stall; the one I always use. Usually it’s quite clean. Last night, there was a disgusting mop of hair in the drain, black and scraggly. One of our floor agreements is that if you leave hair in the drain, you are responsible for cleaning it out. Guess this person feels like the housekeeper can take care of it. This is how laziness begins.

I went to fill my water bottle at one of the sinks. Both of the sinks with the higher faucets were filled with food someone had dumped in them. That was courteous of someone. And here comes the I-do-everything-right-Emily: When I make a mess in the sink, I clean it out! Yeah, it’s disgusting, but I do it. Our housekeeper is such a nice lady who already has to deal with a ton of crap (literally and figuratively). Why should she have to clean my macaroni and cheese noodles out of the sink? She shouldn’t have to. And she shouldn’t have to deal with anyone else’s, either.

We’ve been here so long that I feel people expect things to just be done for them. These kids are in for a rude awakening when they’re out in the real real world. College is just one more pampered step on the way to that real, real world.

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