That flew

It’s starting to sink in.

My freshman year of college meets its conclusion in less than two weeks. That flew.

“You told me in August that this year would fly by, and I didn’t believe you,” Robby told me last night. I probably didn’t believe myself. I probably only said that to make him feel better. It did fly. It flew.

Yesterday I was asked if my freshman year fell short or met my expectations. I paused, thinking about it. 

I told the interrogator that it fell a little short socially, but academically, it fell right where I expected. I invested my time into a friendship that packed up and left before the start of this semester. That was hard. Having problems with the cross-country team were completely unexpected, too. I never dreamed of the drama that would ensue.

Being home will be a breath of fresh air for me, though it will be weird to leave this place. I’ve made some very good friends on my floor and can’t imagine walking through it next year and seeing different people living in rooms I know.

My goodness how the time has flewn, how did it get so late so soon?



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