My favorite medium

“Imagine going from hanging out with someone every day to not at all,” she told me two years ago. I brushed her off. She and her boyfriend always annoyed me. I didn’t care about her problems.

Now I find myself in the same predicament.

Robby leaves for basic training on Tuesday. He won’t be back until mid-July. I’m smacked in the face with my first summer without him in two years. I planned on trying to see him one more time before he leaves, but as this is finals week, I really cannot afford to miss a single class (especially statistics). Instead, we bade goodbye today.

He left his dog tag necklace from our anniversary with me. I bawled. He took off his promise ring. I bawled again. Now the ring is securely on the chain of the necklace, resting on my chest. It swings back and forth when I walk and makes a fun tinkly noise. I like wearing it, I just wish someone else was.

The idea of going home tomorrow and saying goodbye all over again does not sound appealing. I can’t face another day with a headache from all the crying. It’s been happening far too often lately. It’s only ten weeks, but we’ve never been apart that long. We’ve never gone a week without talking.

Now I feel bad for laughing at the aforementioned “she” as she struggled through ten weeks without her boyfriend. They’re well past that and Robby and I are just beginning, two years later.

It’s bound to be tough, but we’ll have fun communicating through my favorite medium: letters. And, it’s not all about me; it’ll be far more challenging for Rob.

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