Symbolic paraphernalia

It’s funny when you associate someone with something. People always tell me they think of me whenever they see a Volkswagen Beetle on the road. It’s quite flattering, really.

Goldfish and Jenna Marbles remind me of my friend Tayler. Before leaving school, we formed a tight bond (Happy Sexual Wednesday, by the way!).

SpongeBob reminds me of my brother Trevor. He always used to be decked out in that paraphernalia.

Avengers movies will forever remind me of my friend Sean.

Volkswagen Beetles, to me, remind me of my Papa. I take them as a sign from him. They seem to show up on the road when I am thinking about him.

It’s quite impressive when someone you’ve never even met leaves you with a lasting impression. I saw a ladybug dangling from a leaf on Monday while I sat on the porch enjoying my coffee and it reminded me of a woman I’ve never met, let alone seen in person. Her name is Sara, and I see her as a sort of a role model through her words. My academic adviser, Dr. Wilkins (a.k.a. “Denny”), showed me her blog last summer. I enjoy visiting it to read about her many experiences and travels.

CLICK THIS LINK. Do you now see why a ladybug reminds me of her?

Thanks for your words, Sara. I’ve been living vicariously through you for the past year.

And now, the ladybug that spurred this post:

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