One last phone call

I miss my best friend.

I want to write him letters all the time but don’t want him to worry about me. He deserves to be worried about more.

Robby’s been at basic training for over two weeks now (eight to go!). The cool thing is, I still get to see him. His battalion posts photos of the regiments on Facebook as they take on the different challenges. I’m amazed at the kids I see in those photos. Each time Robby pops up in one, I have to fight back the tears. My heart thuds. Memories sweep past my eyes. They all end with one last phone call before his bus took him away to the training site.

I am so proud of him. He’s doing something most people only talk about doing, but they never put their money where their mouths are. My brothers have always made fun of Robby and his whipped attitude toward me, but look at him now. He’s enduring physical pain they could only have nightmares of. (Also, Robby can grow a full beard and has been able to since he was 15 – can you, dear brothers? I thought not.) In the only letter that has come my way since his departure, he wrote how his group goes to bed late and wakes up extremely early. He’s exhausted. They all are. But, those Facebook photos would never clue you into that.

It’s something he’s talked about doing for nearly three years. He’s making me proud. He’s making his family and my family proud. He’s making himself proud.

So yeah, I miss my best friend. I miss biking, roller blading, walking, watching movies, swimming, talking, laughing and seeing his smile. But, I know it will all be worth it when I see him at his graduation ceremony in mid-July.

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