A new tradition

Bottles of Mike’s Hard Lemonade were $8.50 each. We settled on cotton mouth and almost-front-row “seats” to see Foreigner up-close and personal.

After their first song I turned around to see Dad’s reaction.

“Woooooow,” he said, incredulously. “How do they sound the same?!?!?” He had seen them in concert around 30 years ago.

They were in-cred-uh-bull. The air was rich with cigarette smoke, beer breath and pot. I nearly fainted from thirst and the intoxicating smells. When Foreigner finally took the stage, I snapped right back to life. It was all worth it to do something special with my daddy.

I closed my eyes and pretended we were in my bedroom, watching a Foreigner record spin on my record player. Everyone sang along, even Daddy. Especially Daddy.

Ten dollars bought us two concert tickets for a night I’ll never forget.

Now Dad wants to go back to Artpark in two weeks to see Yes.

I smell a new tradition.

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