My justification

“I’m nuts, huh?” I asked my mom an hour ago.

An hour ago, I sat in my pink rotating chair in front of my desk, staring at two different computer screens. Both have been in limbo all day. My fingers itched.

Today I finally reaped my reward for working my ass off all summer.

I woke up today and waited. Fedex was every car traveling down my road. I jumped up when my neighbors drove by. I jumped up again when my daddy pulled in in his white work van. Then, finally, my prince arrived. A white, green and purple truck stopped just in my driveway.

Positively giddy, I met the delivery man halfway down the driveway.

He handed me my box, bade me adieu and I sprinted back up onto the front porch.

Carefully, with scissors, I managed to extract the lovely white box hidden amongst the typical brown cardboard. As I opened its white flap, I sung out as if the sun was shining directly, and solely, on the box in my hands.

I’m biting the apple again, folks.

It sounds a bit ridiculous and, honestly, maybe it is. I had second thoughts. I had a hard time clicking “Place Order” underneath my MacBook Pro specifications. But, the truth is, my pink netbook just wasn’t cutting it as something both conveniently portable and reliable at the same time. The whole plan with buying my iMac was to have the powerful machine with the brilliantly big screen for designing. Using Adobe CS5, I did just that this past year. I have so many Photoshop and InDesign documents on my iMac. I worked on countless projects. The problem was, I couldn’t share them with anyone unless I emailed them or the viewer made the trek to my freshman dorm room to see my progress.

Sometimes my professors made computers a necessity for class. My PC took ages to power on and, by the end of second semester, only had a battery life of about 30 minutes, if that.

I’d like to enjoy the benefits of iCloud with a reliable computer. I’d like to take my work with me and be able to sit in the library away from the computer lab and the closest power outlet. And maybe I did this ass backwards (I could have purchased a MacBook Pro last summer and then a separate monitor to use for designing), but I’m comfortable with my choice. At least if one craps out on me, I’ll have the other to rely on.

The last – and most important – point is this: I purchased every computer I own with my own money. I worked over 50 hours nearly every week this summer. Now I’m sitting in my bed, writing about it comfortably.

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