Stereotypical white box

I really need to paint my nails.

But, my desk is currently in disarray. My iMac isn’t even set up; the shelf attachment on the desk is too low for the screen to fit. I went into town tonight seeking bricks to prop up the shelving unit, but The Bargain Outlet was closed. I’ll probably try again tomorrow. Oh well.

Because my desk isn’t set up, I haven’t even bothered really settling in with things on my dresser. And instead of colorful polka dots, my room is the stereotypical white box of a dorm room, just without the harsh fluorescent lighting.

I love it, though. Even more than last year’s room, which surprises me. If you’ll recall, I ended up with a single after experiencing roommate problems. My single room was meant to be a double, meaning I had two beds, two dressers, two desks, etc. My room this year is definitely a bit smaller, but I’d rather be in a room that is meant for one person. It sounds odd, but I just feel more at home here. My window faces the courtyard and the afternoon sunlight glistens through onto the too-white walls. This room is more like my room at home because of the afternoon sun.

Even though I’m not quite settled, I already feel comfortable. I’m in a hallway with almost all of my friends here on campus and it’s so easy to just walk down the hallway and hang out. I will truly never be lonely here.

Maybe I’ll paint my nails this same purple once I get my room settled and my desk clear. Then I’ll add some color and pictures to the walls.

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