An abundance of Emilys

There are 44 Emilys currently on this campus.

Yep. Forty-four. Cuarenta y cuatro.

This includes an administrator or two, but still. Forty-four out of maybe – maybe – 2,000 students, and that’s without separating male from female.

My mother’s name is Nancy. You don’t hear of many Nancys walking around.

My academic (and life) adviser grumbles about how many Emilys he currently has in his life. I don’t like that. I don’t like that I am just one of the many.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore my name. I think it suits me. But how can a name – a label – suit me as well as millions of other girls and women? How is it that names are so flexible?

When teachers peruse their rosters, a name like Emily isn’t one that jumps out. It’s far too common. But names like Annabelle and Deidre; they stand out. How many Annabelles do you know? I know only one. And I don’t even know a single Deidre; I just remember hearing the name in one of my classes.

People given unique names automatically stick out. Me? I have to work for it. I have to possess an attitude that sets me apart. I have to do something to be sure I am noticed and remembered. She’s not just another Emily. 

Of all the Emilys you will meet in your lifetime, I want to be the one that stands out. I want to be the Emily whose last name you fill in without even thinking. It won’t be “Emily… What’s-Her-Face.” You’ll know exactly what last name follows those first five letters.

Maybe that’s what makes names so flexible. Your label doesn’t necessarily signify the content.

Oh, and you know what I want, but I’m not gonna beg for it? A new nickname. My oldest brother has called me “Millie” for as long as I can remember. I wish it would have caught on with more people.

4 thoughts on “An abundance of Emilys

  • Courtesy of Urban Dictionary.
    1. Emily
    From the very first moment you meet Emily, the way she looks at you will make you feel as if you’ve been friends with her your whole life. Emily is the only girl of your dreams who will come true. She will show up in your life disguised as the muse Serendipity or, “happy accident” and as convincing as she may be, Emily herself is no accident. At times, she may not always know exactly what she is doing. Nevertheless, Emily’s actions will always be intentional and deliberate. It’s easy to be fooled. She has the power to tear ANY man apart if she so chooses to but if your love for Emily is true, you will be able to gaze deeply into her endless blue eyes and see underneath her clever camouflage to discover that deep down, Emily is a diamond. Perfect and flawless. Her soul is as free as a new born baby and feels just as soft and cool, but she is no push over. She’ll always do as she pleases even though you may not approve. It is wise to never ask Emily “why?”. Doing so will make you go insane. If you happen to be lucky enough to have a friend named Emily then you are blessed with infinite inspiration and endless imagination. It is because of Emily that mankind has dared venture into outer space.
    Hero: “Emily you have made me so angry that I want to murder innocent happy good looking children!!!”

    Emily: “Whoa!! Check it out dude!! Look what I made!”

    Hero: “Uh.. OH! WOW! That’s awesome, Em!! How did you do that?!!”

    Emily: “I’m not telling!!”

    Feel better about it, because if I’m going tobe honest, you’re the only Emily I know who even comes close to this.

  • I’m so glad I know, love and am friends with my very own Emily. The summer before she was born, a hurricane swept through the Gulf Region. It was named Emily. I knew then, should we have a daughter we were planning to name Emily, we ought fasten our seat belts. She has yet to disappoint.

  • Sean, you really made me smile with that comment. Thank you so much. : ) You are a great friend. : )
    Mom, I am definitely Hurricane Emily. : ) I’m glad I’m yours!
    Dr. Denny: That works for me! Anything to make keeping track of your advisees easier for you! I live to serve. [/suckup]

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