Those eyes

They stared at me with wide eyes, exuding unspoken pleas.

Dirty hallways, dirty cages, horrible smell. Dogs barking, cats meowing; welcome, Emily.

I walked down the hallways and those eyes – those eyes – broke my heart.

Oh some seemed very mean, there’s no doubt about it. But others simply had stereotypes attached to them. One pit bull with a beautiful, charcoal-colored coat caught my attention. I took my chances and entered her cage. Turns out she wanted room to run around, not affection from me. I’m sure if there had been a balance of both she would have been happy to give me a few licks.

I walked a couple, or, rather, a couple of dogs walked me.

Then I found an older retriever of some kind. If I had my own apartment, I would have adopted him right that second. He doesn’t belong there with young, immature dogs barking at him constantly. I longed to relieve him of his misery.

It’s probably a good thing that I don’t have my own apartment; it’d be full of cats and dogs I just couldn’t leave behind.



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