Politically ignorant

Originally written last night, Saturday Jan. 5.

Saturday Night Live is a repeat tonight. Two months ago, when this episode originally aired, I sat where I am now and watched. (With my birthday right around the corner, I came home that weekend.)

The election was also right around the corner. Yep Jon, here’s the post I promised.

I need to be more aware. I know. I definitely need to care more.

When it comes to politics, I am honestly like this girl:


…especially when I got together with the aforementioned Jon, a friend from high school, whose tweets I’d been following religiously. He watched the debates –– months and months before the election –– and updated me through his tweets without even realizing it.

I thanked him for that. And he continued to amaze me with how much he paid attention.

He went on and on and on about the 2016 election and how he hopes that will turn out. I sat and absorbed it all. This guy –– voted class clown our senior year –– really buckled down and spent time formulating who he would vote for. He did the research, he knew who he liked.

I merely formed my opinion after listening to my parents.

I need to become more involved. I need to care more. I blame myself and my high school education. But mostly myself.

Jon has inspired me. I need to pay more attention to what’s going on around me. It affects me. I should educate myself a little more. Put forth a little effort. I’m a little girl in this big world, but I have the chance to express my opinion on important matters. I should take advantage of that opportunity.

Jon should  have been voted most opinionated our senior year instead of me (shocking that I won that, right?). He more realistically fits that description.

I only hope my second win in the senior polls –– most likely to be famous –– is more accurate.

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