99-cent Barry Manilow

He said it made his day. 

I lugged the record player and the bag full of records up the stairs and entered their townhouse. Kuz and I had picked out a small collection of vinyls to bring back, much to his roommates’ delight.

Especially our friend Kevin. His face lit up when I gave him the 99-cent Barry Manilow records we’d scored at a thrift store. 

We watched the new Walking Dead episode as a group (it’s a weekly ritual) but then rifled through the records I’d brought back. 

From Barry Manilow to Queen to Styx to The Beatles; we were happy campers. We sat around until midnight, dreading the return of classes in the morning. 

“Can we just skip classes tomorrow and do this, instead?” Kevin asked, jokingly. 

I wish.

I knitted and sang, enjoying my friends’ company.

“We listened to a lot of music today,” Kuz said.

Yeah. We really did.

What a perfect day.

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