2.5 months later…

I’m still upside down. But I’m on top of the world.

On the very first day of 2013, I sat at our antique kitchen table across from my brother Adam. MacBook Pros out, Grouplove playing, coffee in hand(s). He surfed the web for music while I began my summer internship search.

With help from my oldest brother’s best friend, I built a list of at least 10 internships I planned to apply for. My criteria: close to home, communications-related, paid.

I redesigned my résumé. Had people proofread and edit it. Redesigned it again.

I designed and printed my own unique business cards. I put together the pieces I wanted to include in my mini portfolios to send out with each application. I redesigned and uploaded new pieces to my professional portfolio blog in preparation for new viewers.

It all paid off.

I have now been interviewed this semester too many times to count.

Currently, it seems I have three potential internships on the table in front of me. Pros for one pull me one way, the cons, the other way. And not one of them is very close to home.

My goal this summer was to merely have an internship. Needless to say, I never saw this coming.

Wish me luck.

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