For those significant ripples…

Every person who crosses your path ends up making a difference in your life, no matter what.

It could be something minuscule, but there are no meaningless encounters, acquaintances or relationships.

You could model your behavior after someone else’s, or you could decide you want to be nothing like someone in particular. But, despite what you may think, that person you dislike made an impact on you in some way, shape or form.

Because of this, there is absolutely no point in regretting things. Failed relationships provide you with a way to go. You discover what you like and what you don’t like in a friend or romantic interest. And as soon as that unlikeable attribute appears in someone you’re interested in, you know you can either nip it in the bud or ride it out, hoping it goes away.

But enough of my preaching. Let’s make this a little more personal.

I think about Robby sometimes and wonder how he’s doing. I feel like I’m stocking up on life experiences and relationships and taking notes so I’m ready when the time comes to fill him in. I imagine we’ll be friends again someday and genuinely look forward to it. Pretending someone doesn’t exist is stupid; he exists and we existed together. And we loved each other. And we helped build each other. Regretting my relationship with him would be pointless because he made me who I am.

And I love who I am. I love who I’ve become. I found things I love in a man and things I despise. And I’ve carried those preferences into other relationships. He was an essential building block and the mere first step into the world of adulthood (I once thought he would be the entire staircase).

I’m Emily. Independent, focused and constantly trying to improve myself and the way I think.

And now I’ve found another man who keeps making me into a better person.

Some people will make tiny, insignificant ripples in your pond. For the larger ones, make sure you come out with a positive attitude. The people you associate yourself with make you/have made you into who you are, like it or not.

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