Only a Bonnie would understand

There’s definitely something weird about St. Bonaventure University.

My family told me I’d love it. Dad said I’d meet the best friends of my life there and both Mom and Jordan knew I’d love my professors. I didn’t believe them. Instead, I dreaded the running I knew I’d be doing for its Division I cross country team more than anything.

My co-workers are pretty great, too. : )

Since I am no longer on the team, I can’t even explain to you in words that would make sense just how ecstatic I am to go back to Bonas. Sure, I was excited last year to see my friends, but the then-upcoming cross country season formed a storm cloud over my head. I should have been in love with running for Bonaventure; I just wasn’t.

Now I can say I am absolutely infatuated with St. Bonaventure University. Take me home.

It’s the campus, the path by the Allegheny River, my colorful dorm room(s), the independence, and the friends I’ve made there. The Russell J. Jandoli School of Journalism and Mass Communication is full of my family, and I miss my classmates and professors terribly. It’s homemade Hickey soup, stealing an entire cheesecake from the dessert island on Sundays, crowded O.P. and Burton dance floors, consuming Mangia’s pizza, and complaining about Clare College (of which I only have one more class  — woot woot!).

It may just be a cult. My Twitter feed is flooded with friends tweeting countdowns to Bonas, not to mention those who may have just graduated and aren’t too happy about it:tweet

But that’s just how Bonas is. The rural setting leaves us with nothing really to do, so we get to know each other and become the best of friends. I see the same people on my way to classes every day and, even if I don’t know his/her name, I probably have a nickname to refer to him/her as.

I am positively itching to move in, decorate my room, settle into our townhouse, take a walk on the path and begin my first all-elective semester. My best friend (from Bonaventure, of course) and I talked last night about how we only have two years left and we need to enjoy it. I’m ready to begin enjoying it. My internship has been a fantastic experience, but I’m ready to go home.

I had to join in on the countdown, too.
I had to join in on the countdown, too.

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