No smiling allowed

It’s pretty bad when you have to remind yourself to be happy.

That you seriously have plenty of reasons to be happy. And yet, you still aren’t.

Generally, when I’m out in public, I like to smile at passersby. But those who fail to smile back or just look downright miserable tend to piss me off.

I would have pissed myself off tonight. I lay in bed in the fetal position for awhile before deciding to get up and do something. I changed into shorts, laced up my pink Nikes and off I went, knapsack on back. I walked by the museum, across the bridge, in front of the headquarters building and around near the draw tower. I. Didn’t. Smile. Once.

I had time to think about things –– I decided I’m not going to get pissed off at people who look like they are miserable. Maybe they are. Maybe absolutely nothing has worked out in his/her life, giving him/her the right to frown. Or maybe his/her grandmother just passed away and he/she is having a really tough time. Does that last one describe someone you know? Because you should be making a connection right about now.

I’m not okay. I have nearly every reason in the world to be okay, but I’m really not.

The draw tower. Have you figured out where I’ve been living all summer yet?

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