A $3,000 decision

I don’t often watch music videos or even videos of musicians performing. It has to do with something my oldest brother said to me years and years ago. Music videos ruin my chance to use my imagination. I can listen to a song and picture whatever and whomever I like. Watching the artist’s interpretation of the song ruins that chance forever afterward. If I hear a song after watching its music video, I can’t help but picture the video that goes along with it.

But I couldn’t stop watching this performance when it popped up on my iTunes:

I won’t watch the song’s official music video –– this rendition has drilled itself too far into my brain. I took note of Kodaline during our 10-hour drive home from Thanksgiving in Peoria, Ill. I used the Shazam app on my Droid to discover this song’s artist and have pretty much been obsessed with them ever since. Watching this performance of theirs further instilled my obsession.

Watching something like this –– where those involved are clearly infatuated with what they do –– makes me miss the musical side of me.

Yes, I used to sing. A lot. Now I reserve my vocal chords for days when I’m home alone in my parents’ house, though I have become more comfortable singing around my housemates at school.

I didn’t sing in choir my senior year of high school; I opted for a college credit-bearing psychology course instead. It worked out; I didn’t have to take the mandated psychology course at school, but I missed out on another year of singing and performing with my friends. I saved $3000 by taking the psych course, but I’ll never again get that chance to make those memories.

I don’t regret it. It was a smart decision. But I do miss singing. A lot.

Watching this live performance of “All I Want” makes me want to jump into that dimly lit room and belt out a few notes right along with them.

Watch below to get a taste of the singing I so miss from my high school’s talent show nearly four years ago. Four freakin’ years ago. Shiza. (Ignore the first 30 seconds…those girls are annoying.)



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