Three boys & a princess

I’ve had plans to visit my brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law (Trev’s fiancée for short) over spring break for awhile. They live in Long Island, she tawks funny, they have a sheltie named Finlay. I haven’t visited them since this photo here was taken after we went to our first-ever Yankees game at Yankee Stadium:

Me, Daddy, Trevor & Adam
Trev, Daddy, me, Adam. Not pictured: Jordan

That was in August of 2012, so yeah, like I said, it’s been awhile. When it comes to making plans, it’s best to know I’m rather flaky. I made the promise to visit Trevor and Kim over my break, but really didn’t think about how I’d get there, when I’d go, etc. Honestly, I didn’t think it would happen. It still hasn’t sunk in that that’s what I’ll be doing over my spring break. I don’t just sit at home anymore; I actually do shit. Weird. So yeah. While my photojournalism professor lectured the other night, I purchased a plane ticket. It won’t sink in until my dad drops me off at the airport that Friday morning after I take my first Natty World –– our required science course –– test the evening before.

Trevor and Kim are worth the hassle of traveling a little bit. Siblings are always worth it. Your parents shape you, guide you, yeah, but siblings are the only people you can physically assault as a child and have it be semi-socially acceptable. People find it funny when I say I have three older brothers, but I’ll tell ya, I gave as good as I got. We used to beat the shit out of each other. They knocked the wind out of me and pulled my hair; I scratched them and bit them. (“NO BITING!” They’d scream.) I even wrote this article for the Buffalo News my sophomore year of high school highlighting my relationship with my brothers.

Adam, Jordan, Trevor and baby Emily
Adam, Jordan, Trevor and baby Emily

It’s strange how we’ve matured suddenly. We don’t have physical fights anymore, we don’t even argue that much anymore. We’re all pretty content with having a few drinks, playing Cards Against Humanity and just spending time together. That’s all that matters at this point. I have three built-in friends and I get to see one of them –– and the sister he’s chosen for me, hehe –– in a couple weeks. How cool is that?

Those are just some thoughts I’ve had running through my mind lately. Now wish me luck on that damn Natty test.

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