You can spell “Miley” with “Emily”

Miley Cyrus has been on my mind lately. Her new album, BANGERZ, is partially to blame, considering I’ve had it on repeat in my car for about three weeks now. This is from the same girl who wrote this post six years ago. That was how I felt then, this is now.

At a party last semester, I distinctly remember a girl taking note of my rather short –– and then, boy-like –– hair.

“Don’t tell me it’s because of Miley,” she said.

It struck me as a funny thing to say. What would it have mattered to that girl if I had? And why would that be such a bad thing?

I’ll admit I was shocked when “We Can’t Stop” came out. I couldn’t tear my eyes away as I watched it in my secluded little cubicle at work, hoping nobody would interrupt my private viewing. Shock turned into laughter when I saw her ridiculous teddy bear outfit and the sight of her just writhing on a bed. You have to admit the line that leads to the chorus –– “La da da da di, we like to party, dancin’ with Miley, doin’ whatever we want” –– is catchy.

I wasn’t alone for “Wrecking Ball” when it came out. Paige pulled it up on her computer and we watched it on my friend’s front porch, beers in hand. Then we laughed about it. And raved about it. To me, the music video for “Wrecking Ball” is extremely entertaining. She wears undergarments, carries a sledgehammer and rides naked on a wrecking ball. It’s so ridiculous it’s hysterical.

It’s silly to get all worked up over things celebrities do. And if you’re worried your children will look to Miley as an example for behavior, why the hell are you letting them watch things like the VMAs or her music videos on YouTube?

But let’s mix this up a bit. We went through headlines that attack Miley in my social media in business class and were asked to find the story the headlines don’t tell. My group and I decided to talk about how great of a role model Miley is for women our age.

I’m not lying. She is. Specifically for those of us in the 19 to 25 range.

Her supposed “fall from grace” is relatable for a lot of young women who make the high school-to-college transition. Life opens up. The I can do whatever the hell I want mentality is born and some take advantage of it. Miley did, too. The only difference is she has millions of dollars at her disposal.

She’s a brilliant example of public relations because people are talking about her. 

She’s a brilliant role model for me to have because she doesn’t give a fuck. 

She does what she wants and doesn’t let opinions stop her. I crumble when I know one person doesn’t like me for no reason; Miley has millions of people who hate her and she doesn’t stop. She can’t stop.

And even if the Miley she puts forth isn’t precisely who she is, that Miley is, at least, relatable.

The reason why we’re obsessed with Miley is because she has apparently derailed from the Disney-friendly version of herself. I find the short-haired, blond Miley extremely refreshing.

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