Happy Tuesday!

A weight has been lifted (literally – see last full paragraph). I can finally think freely and openly without the Anthology clouding over my cluttered mind. It feels great.

I would be able to enjoy this more if my sleepiness wasn’t dominating my entire being. Though I was more prepared than any of my classmates, I ended up staying up until about 1:30 this morning working on it feverishly. I had everything typed out, but you know me – Miss Overachiever. Being the little miss overachiever that I am, I stayed up for three extra hours just to insert pictures for some extra credit. Sure, some were necessary, but I’ll admit that I might have gone a wee bit overboard.

But just a wee bit.

Now I just want to sleep. I opened the window next to me, so I have a nice breeze cooling my overheated body, but I just need to lie down, curl up, and take a nap. Why did we waste time in Kindergarten with nap time? I think high schoolers need it now more than ever.

I’ve lost weight, so the jeans I grabbed this morning on a whim are, of course, the ones that seem to not be able to hug my body snugly anymore. What size am I supposed to go down to now? Triple zero? The ones I’m wearing right now are double zero and they’re too big. I’ll either have to gain my weight back, or buy myself a belt. Choice two is sounding great right now.

Lovely. Now that I have too much time on my hands (*clap clap*) it’s raining out. Happy Tuesday, Emily! *groans*

Now I know my ABCs…

When I have weeks like the week I’ve been having, I need something that will make me smile. This succeeds.

On Monday I got a test back that I had failed miserably. Science just isn’t my forte. I did 3x each corrections, and I’m hoping that that will boost my grade up to above a 64. We’ll see…

Yesterday I took a quiz in Global and definitely did not get my best grade ever.

Yes, I’m all upset because of my grades. I know that I’ll never remember this once I get to college, but it’s important to me now. It’s all because of the Anthology. I’m making great progress on it, but I get so absorbed in it that I can’t focus on any other class, and it’s killing my average. In Science I would get sudden inspiration for my Antholoy, so I’d work on my Anthology instead of taking notes. Bad, I know. But now I know that I can’t let my Anthology interfere with my life for the next two weeks. I just need to get it done and off of my chest so I can focus on something else.

Thank you, Tilly, for your creative way of helping me learn my ABCs – it helps me feel smart.

Procrastinate no more

All of my classmates are complaining about the Anthology that we got assigned. This massive project is homework for three months(?) and due in May for every sophomore class that passes through my high school. My oldest brother did it, my middle older brother did it, and my youngest older brother did it. It includes reading, analyzing, interpreting, and relating to pieces of literature that you as a reader and individual appreciate. For me? Easy as cake. For my classmates? It’s just another assignment that they can whine and stress over. I’m enjoying every minute of it.

The day it was assigned I went home, dug out my poetry books, and then proceeded to read every single poem in my Emily Dickinson book, my Romantic Poets book, and my Robert Frost book (again). I bought an Edgar Allan Poe (Major Tales and Poetry) novel, and got started on that as well. I made a checklist, and have been in deep thought about every work I want to add in ever since.

I have a good ten or eleven works done already (I have a system where I type in school, copy and paste it into a wordpress draft, and then copy and paste from the draft into a document on my computer – VOILA!) , and they are already compiled into sleeves in the order that I currently want them in and are settled into my draft binder. Just last night I stayed up until three in the AM working on a work that I suddenly had a brilliant idea on. It’s three pages long (and the minimum requirement per work is two paragraphs – hehe) and I am extremely proud of it.

My Anthology is going to be awesome. I can already feel it. I have my title, I know what’s going to go on my title page, I have my chapters named, and now all I have to do is fill in the gaps with¬† more works. I’m organized, I’ve been looking forward to this for six years, and I believe that I am better off than anyone in my class. Bring it on, Anthology.