Some people my age might be a little frightened to be home all alone, but I really enjoy it. For a few hours, I can do what I please, which is mostly just writing and reading, but without ANY interruptions. Another plus about being by myself is that I don’t have to fight the urge to burst out in song. I can walk around the house belting my guts out, and not feel self conscious at all. The place I usually sing my heart out is in the shower, but when nobody is around I belt it out wherever. I can sit here at the computer desk, and sing as I type.

Sometimes I feel stupid and wonder if the neighbors can hear my voice, but honestly, who cares if they do? Are they going to come up to me and tell me that they heard me singing? Probably not. I do my best singing when I am all by my lonesome, with only my two dogs and cat to keep me company. They are the only audience that really gets a taste of my voice.

Now, what is it that I sing when I am alone? Well, I belt out whatever meets my fancy. Mostly it’s some Paramore, but we musn’t forget Evanescence, Flyleaf, 1997, Automatic Loveletter, Hawthorne Heights, t.A.T.u., New Years Day, Garbage, and Autumns Monologue by From Autumn To Ashes. I love singing Paramore songs because Hayley’s voice is much like my own, and I love trying to match Amy Lee’s voice whenever I sing My Immortal, Hello, or Lithium. I find it challenging to sing Lacey Mosley’s parts, but I have fun trying.

One of these days, I want to put videos of me singing on YouTube. I like listening to other girls my age singing some of my favorite songs, but I cannot help but think that I could do a better job than they can. Hopefully someday soon, I will be able to prove myself, but I doubt my mother would approve of it. I will probably have to wait until college to begin videotaping myself singing.

Once they pull out of the driveway, I open my mouth and out comes something not very many people have heard. I sing rather conservatively in public, but when I am in the shower, or home by myself, I let it all out. I love getting home from camping because then I can finally lock myself in the bathroom and get all of the singing out I couldn’t do while we were all camping together. I hope to someday make a career out of this little hobby of mine. Only time will tell…

Paramore Obsession

Just to clear the air, I have been a devoted fan to Paramore for almost two years. I have been with them through the early stages of their career, and have witnessed their rise to fame after appearing on MTV. The fact that they were on MTV really – in the words of Bleeker – “cheesed me off,” but I remained loyal. I ignored all of the people at school singing Misery Business because I knew that that was the only song by Paramore that any of them knew. So far, quite a few people have told me that they know only Misery Business and Crushcrushcrush when I ask them which Paramore song they like the most. They only have two to choose from! They are not fans!

Anyways, I have an insane obsession with Paramore, and most of all, the lady herself: Hayley Williams. She is my idol and such a great inspiration and artist. I love the whole I’m a girl, but I am in a kick-ass band. The past month (boring summer) I have spent gathering as many Paramore songs as I possibly can. I have both of their CDs (I’ve had them for quite some time), but now my goal is to acquire all of the rare unreleased songs of theirs. I love hearing songs that not very many people have heard (especially since they have OH SO MANY “fans” these days). I sing along, and am in the process of compiling a Paramore tribute on Garage Band. I now have forty-six songs by Paramore. Compare that to the twenty-four that are on their two CDs. Yes, I have been doing my research. Getting acoustic versions and hearing how lovely Hayley’s voice really is is such a treat.

My dream is for my brother to take me to a Paramore concert (he has already attended one – how unfair!!!). I would love to at least meet my idol in person: the one and only Hayley Williams.