Out of bed at the crack of noon

Yeah, I just got up. Fifteen minutes ago, to be exact. I thought I would wake up and be home alone for a few blessed hours, but of course that is not the case. Two of my three older brothers are in the other room right now tinkering with their laptops. They went out to get Adam the latest Mac laptop with his graduation money. Did I mention that it comes with a free iPod Touch? Guess who he didn’t give it to? He gave it to his favorite brother; the one who already owns a 30GB iPod whereas I have a tiny little 4GB nano. But hey, I’m not complaining (and yes, I’ll admit it, Trevor’s 3o gig is old).

Things that already happened today:

  • I rolled around in bed for awhile contemplating the unwelcoming idea of getting up,
  • Eloise came downstairs dragging along with her (in her mouth) a pair of my underwear which she surely must have scavenged from my open drawer upstairs,
  • Eloise left for a little while, then returned with the fur that goes on one of my vests which she is OBSESSED with,
  • I looked outside and found that the sun was actually shining,
  • my brother informed me that there is a thunderstorm warning for today and
  • I became sad.

Things I HAVE to do today:

  1. Clean my room,
  2. clean my room
  3. and clean my room.

In my recent crazy tizzy of cleaning our entire house, I neglected to include my poor, colorful teenage room. That’s what I am going to do today. I thought about having a friend over, but then I remembered that she is in Kentucky with her church (more on that later, maybe, if I feel like it).

Time to clean! I’ll plug my iPod into my record player and start chuggin’ away.

Snow day: take two

I have been enjoying me a nice, long four-day weekend. Friday we didn’t have school, then Saturday and Sunday brought the lovely weekend, and now Monday has arrived, and I enjoyed going back to sleep after I woke up at six o’clock this morning. Tomorrow we have school (if we don’t have another now day hehe), after that it’s the rest of this week and all of next week off for Winter Recess. I love taking days off.

With every day that is a snow day, my Spanish presentation is put off another day. That’s good because Thursday night I didn’t feel like typing it out and last night I didn’t feel like it either. Maybe tonight I will gain some responsibility and manage to sit at my computer long enough to type out a simple thirty-line Spanish presentation. As it is, I highly doubt that I will end up doing that. I will put it off again tonight and then have to type it up in school tomorrow morning. I procrastinate, so what?!?

So, what should I do today? It’s 10:24 and time is endlessly stretching out before me. Eh…today I will sit around knitting and knitting and knitting, obsessively checking my MySpace, Facebook, Shelfari page, SOS page and blog, possibly cleaning my room, maybe even looking for props for my presentation (again, doubt it!), and making some cookies. I am in the mood for cookies.