Catastrophically minute

I am so self-absorbed.

I think that I’ve had a tough life recently because went through a break up and lost a best friend. But, the thing is, I chose my way. I made my decision and had to deal with the consequences. It makes me sad that I lost my best friend, but I had to have seen this coming. Only an idiot would believe that, despite a break up, a friendship can pick right back up where it left off before the dating began. So when I noticed tonight that he removed me from his Facebook friends, I shouldn’t have been surprised. I shouldn’t have called it immature. I ended it. I made the decision. It’s done. Move on.

And oh, I have.

I have recently been made more aware of the people I’m surrounded by. We live in unison. I’m writing this right now, but someone in the world is brushing his/her teeth in preparation for bedtime, someone else is gardening and this other person is up and on his/her way to work.

Maybe this person’s mom just died. Or maybe, just maybe, that man over there is battling a disease that will eventually claim his body in its entirety.

You just never know.

So I need to stop being so self-absorbed. Because, yeah, Emily went through a break up and yeah, Emily left the cross country team and might not be able to pay for college, but these catastrophic details in my life are minute to someone else. The kid who gets picked on for being gay would rather be in my shoes, as would the man who just got jumped on the streets of New York City.

My problems don’t mean anything. I should stop acting like they do.

Get over it

A friend in high school wore a shirt to school one day our senior year that said “SOME CHICKS MARRY CHICKS. GET OVER IT.”

So, get over it.

It’s not fair for homosexuals to grow up in a world full of heterosexual people who are so against them.

What business is it of yours if a woman loves a woman? Or if a man loves a man? It isn’t.

[Image courtesy of FCKH8.]
The way they live their lives shouldn’t affect the way you live yours. They don’t deserve your disdain and disapproval. Your opinions are not relevant. Don’t pronounce them like they are.

You’re winning so far, so be happy. But the United States is making progress. Though only 9/50 states have legalized same-sex marriage thus far, more will follow. Brace yourself for the change.

Open your eyes and your mind. There’s nothing wrong with a man loving a man or a woman loving a woman. Love is beautiful regardless of the gender of those immersed in it.

Get over it.