Closer to Emily

This is so cool. Right here as I am writing this, the co-author of The Lost Days (Jessica Gruner) is answering questions that the many Emily The Strange fans on the web forum have been itching to ask. I’m an aspiring writer, of course I’m going to get star struck when the real McCoy is knocking on my door in cyberspace.

When I first started reading The Lost Days I was apprehensive. I already had a vision of Emily in my mind, having written several stories centered around her myself. I honestly did not like it at first. I thought it was a pointless book. Then, I really got into it. As the mystery continuously unfolded I couldn’t put the book down.

Now, Emily is different in my mind, but maybe that’s for the best. She’s not my character to mold and create into my own; she’s Rob Reger’s, Buzz Parker’s and Jessica Gruner’s (and others too, I am sure). After devouring The Lost Days, I feel ten times closer to Emily than any of the other mini-books they came out with made me feel.

Silly little girl

Silly little girl

lost and never found

alone and afraid

mysterious and unknown

silly little girl

Silly little girl

troubled and unaware

biting her lip

tugging on her hair

silly little girl

Silly little girl

tears sprinting from her eyes

hiding them with her hands

she can’t seem to realize

she cannot be a silly little girl anymore

Silly little girl

staring at her feet

not daring to look –

she’s not sure she wishes to meet

the grown-up silly little girl.