I don’t lust after the big-time movie or pop stars. It’s not like I have a giant poster of Brad Pitt in my room. (I never said I didn’t have a shrine devoted to him.) I have never seen the point in “loving” someone when they don’t even know you exist. Stop wasting time and get out in the real world and meet a REAL guy.

There are only a few semi-famous men that I have drooled over. Oh sure, there’s that guy on TV every once in awhile and you say, “oh, he’s cute,” but you never bother looking up their name. This is different. I prefer the older men: thus Hugh Laurie and Hugh Jackman. The two Hughs. *drools*

I have been in “love” with Hugh Jackman ever since I saw the first X-Men movie years and years ago. Wolverine… *sigh*. The scene where we are first introduced to him and he doesn’t have his shirt on – it’s magnificent. Wolverine was never my favorite X-Men until I saw Hugh play the part. He’s my favorite actor in all of the movies. I absolutely “love” him.

Then there’s Hugh Laurie. I remember watching him as the bad guy in 101 Dalmatians, and of course I didn’t like him! I wanted the puppies to win against the bad men and Cruella. But oh, now that I’ve seen him on House…phew! I don’t care if he’s ancient compared to me, he’s handsome as hell, and a great actor on top of that.

I don’t profess my love for them unless I see them on TV or in a magazine or something. I don’t have posters of them in my room (though my friend drew me a picture of Jackman for me… *drools*) but that doesn’t mean I am not a fan. I don’t worship the ground they walk on and wish to purchase one of their used napkins off of Ebay. I’m not creepy like that. They’re attractive, I like them, they don’t have to like me, I’ll just stay content admiring from afar.

No, Miley. I don’t ever wish to be a “Fly On The Wall”

I feel like ranting. Hope you’re ready for this.

I just viewed Miley Cyrus’s video for “Fly On The Wall.” Now, I didn’t mean to watch it, I was perfectly happy with the 3OH!3 video that was before it, but I cannot control the playlist on Playlist. Though I wish I could, sadly I cannot.

She is so annoying. I hate all of these pop artists that think they are hot shit and stuff. They think that absolutely everyone loves them, even though quite a few people obviously don’t. Another example is Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable.” Now, I respect Beyonce more than Miley, but the whole “I could have another you in a minute” really cheesed me off. Yes, Beyonce, now we know that you are a whore and like it. Good for you! Now shut up.

Anyway, back to Miley.

It just feels like the perfect time to rant about her again. Remember my post from over the summer? Ha… well, here’s more.

I didn’t mind her when she first appeared out of nowhere. I watched Hannah Montana every once in awhile and kind of liked it. After some time, she definitely didn’t grow on me. SpongeBob did, but she didn’t. After the whole Vanity Fair fiasco all I remember thinking is “ew.” I never was a fan of hers, but after the magazine thing, I didn’t care for her at all. Here she is, this role model on Disney Channel for all of these young kids that love and adore her, and then she has to do something like that. Gross.

Her voice is awful, I don’t think she’s that pretty, and her chipmunk teeth annoy the hell out of me. The part in the music video when the “paparazzis” start dancing really got to me. She’s just standing there with her mouth part way open and her teeth sticking out. Very attractive. She’s obviously trying to break free of “cute little Miley” and trying to be “bad ass Miley.” It’s not working. All of these Disney people seem to think they have to prove that they aren’t as “goody goody” as they seem. It’s starting to get a little annoying, to tell you the truth.

I feel bad for all of the young kids that look up to this Miley character. Pretty soon they’ll be wearing really tight jeans and throwing their hair about in an attempt to be like Miley, who tries to be sexy. She’s a little older than I am, but she is acting like she’s in her twenties. If being a “Fly On The Wall” means having to listen to stupid gossip and hair products and clothes and shoes, well, I hope they see me and swat me. Or…I could buzz around her head and annoy the hell out of her. Yes, that sounds much better. In the meantime, I’ll stick with only ONE “Fly On The Wall.” Instead of watching Miley’s horrible video, go read the book Fly On The Wall by e. lockhart. It’s far better than any song Miley will ever sing. (Attempt to sing…)


It seems to me like summer never even happened. Now that I am in the day-to-day “school” routine, everything is back to normal. My iPod (PANDORA!!!) sings me the song I picked out the night before at around 5:45 every morning, and then I wait for the playlist to run out before I get up (usually around 6:20). I get up, take a shower, eat breakfast (well, drink some coffee to prevent future headaches), and wash my face before I let my hair down and mess around with it. I walk out the door wearing some crazy outfit (today it is a pair of crazy colored Bermuda shorts, brown high top Chucks with pink shoelaces, a red Hollister 3/4 polo and a white tank top underneath – I know! Hollister! *gasp!*).

School is just okay. Being a sophomore is definitely different. I open up the day with band, then either English or Earth Science for eighty minutes, lunch (yes, at ten o’clock in the morning), Spanish (which has been simple so far because the regular teacher is out sick and our substitute does not know a single word of the language), Global (my teacher is hilarious!) and then Chamber Choir. After Chamber Choir comes either a study hall (where I am right now) or PE. Then, the dreaded Geometry. I have found it easier to focus this year in math. I already got a 100% on our first test, and was the only student to receive said grade (YES! I put it on the fridge! xD).