Two Words: Serious Spit

Have you ever seen the movie Waiting? Starring Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, Justin Long and a hint of Dane Cook, you’re welcomed to Shenaniganz, a stereotypical family restaurant. Among the wait staff the basic mantra is: don’t mess* with people who make your food. 

They’re not kidding.

They hauck loogies in, shake dandruff flakes on and do unspeakable things to a lady’s dinner plate after she sends it back to the kitchen in a bitchy manner. Then they watch her eat it.

This movie piqued my interest. Does this happen often? If so, what are the reasons? What are the consequences?

According to The Huffington Post, an employee at a fast-food restaurant allegedly spit into the iced teas of a mother and daughter. The mother and daughter requested for new teas after their first two, claiming they were not sweet. When they arrived home with the second pair, they discovered an unidentified white substance after removing the top.

They called the police.

Upon viewing surveillance tapes, it becomes clear that the aforementioned employee spent an unusually long amount of time bent over the two iced teas.

Not only was the employee immediately fired from the restaurant, but his actions were punishable by law. The crime is called food tampering, and prisons can – and do – house people for years if found convicted of said crime.

According to an article on, there are several reasons why workers in the food industry might spit into a customer’s food/meal.

They include:

  • Race
  • Rudeness (from the customer)
  • Not tipping enough
  • Returning food to the chef
  • Simply not liking the customer (personal relationships colliding with professional)

In 2009, a sheriff’s deputy in Portland, Oregon removed the top bun of his hamburger to find a distinct glob of spit, according to The Huffington Post.  After a DNA test linked the saliva to an employee at the fast-food restaurant, said employee was subsequently fired. The deputy filed a federal lawsuit against the corporation, seeking a minimum of $75,000.

Apparently, spitting in a police officers’ food is wildly popular:

Each perpetrator lost his/her job. Some even served jail time.

It’s a good thing Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long, Anna Faris and Dane Cook were merely acting in the 2005 movie. They would have been in some seriously deep shit in real life.

*a different word may have been used

A DJ, a gym and some glow sticks

At 7:o0 yesterday morning, “Into The Ocean” by Blue October started bursting out of the speakers on my triangular iHome. I continually hit the “snooze” button until I could do so no longer. I gave up at 7:30 and dragged my sorry butt out of bed to face what would turn into an extremely long day.

This weekend was Homecoming weekend. The problem was, I hadn’t given Homecoming a single thought because I had a huge obstacle to get through first. Conveniently, we had a cross-country meet in the freezing cold wind and mud. And, my race was to be the last race of the day. We left at 8:30 in order to get there by 10:00, and I didn’t run until 2:30. All of this equals one long and cold day.

I ran well, and yes, hanging out with the team is always fun. I finally met the guy that has been taking pictures at meets (in which I sometimes appeared) for years, and coincidentally he is also one of my employers. I got to snuggle with five of my teammates to build up the warmth we so desperately sought and got to experience one crazy bus ride.

After my race, we [my family] left immediately. After a few stops along the way, we finally got home at 5:00, and my boyfriend was to be at the house at 6:30 to get some pictures taken beforehand.

The dance was fun. My only complaint was the complete lack of slow songs. He (one of my brother’s friends who played the DJ) must have wanted to keep up with the “rave” theme Student Council had whipped up, but he only played three slow songs and I, along with many others, was disappointed. The entire gym smelled like bare feet and glow stick fluid because people kept breaking open the complimentary glow sticks everyone wore around their necks. A friend of mine actually got squirted in the eye with one at the very beginning of the dance, and she commented that it was very painful.

Afterward, we headed up to a friend’s house to attempt an all-nighter. Everyone but my boyfriend, my friend and me fell asleep. At five o’clock, we decided to get back in the hot tub and didn’t end up surfacing from it until seven. And yes, we got very prune-y.

It was a fun night. I was happy that my boyfriend and I matched perfectly and it’s always a treat to see classmates all dolled up instead of just sauntering around in their pajamas or jeans during the average school day.



I have now been to a beach

For the past few years, I have been complaining about how I have never been to the beach. Friends have promised to take me, but, alas, their promises were not kept. I remained a beach virgin. Until today.

We had a cross-country meet today at a State Park near the lake. I swore that I would go swimming in the Lake after my race, and I did. We finished the girls Varsity race (third place for me…we went against an awesome team) and my two friends and I headed down to the lake. We did not end up swimming. We touched the water, took a few pictures, then fled to watch the “men” in their race. (THEY WON!)

After their race, my brother wanted to go swimming. My friend Ashley and I were all for it, and we began walking back towards the lake with the new guy. Soon we were joined by half of the boy’s team, and we ran to the beach. I took off my warm-up pants (my best friend’s PJs, hehe – I borrowed them from him and never gave them back), and ran to the shore. Yeah, it was cold, and today wasn’t the hottest September day we’ve had. I looked behind me and saw half of the boy’s team running towards me in just their spandex. Haha, hello!

We all ran into the water, and jumped over the waves as they came. New guy even joined in and wore his boxers (he didn’t run today – not enough practices). Soon, Ashley and I realized that our shorts were see-through, so we waded deeper and deeper into the water in an attempt to hide ourselves.

It was the most fun I have ever had at a cross-country meet (and I have been to quite a few in my lifetime). Cute guys in spandex in freezing water with waves that reached my shoulders…yeah, FUN! I will probably be sick tomorrow, and if I am, I will just remember how much laughter our little adventure brought me. Today was a day I will not soon forget.