Symbolic paraphernalia

It’s funny when you associate someone with something. People always tell me they think of me whenever they see a Volkswagen Beetle on the road. It’s quite flattering, really.

Goldfish and Jenna Marbles remind me of my friend Tayler. Before leaving school, we formed a tight bond (Happy Sexual Wednesday, by the way!).

SpongeBob reminds me of my brother Trevor. He always used to be decked out in that paraphernalia.

Avengers movies will forever remind me of my friend Sean.

Volkswagen Beetles, to me, remind me of my Papa. I take them as a sign from him. They seem to show up on the road when I am thinking about him.

It’s quite impressive when someone you’ve never even met leaves you with a lasting impression. I saw a ladybug dangling from a leaf on Monday while I sat on the porch enjoying my coffee and it reminded me of a woman I’ve never met, let alone seen in person. Her name is Sara, and I see her as a sort of a role model through her words. My academic adviser, Dr. Wilkins (a.k.a. “Denny”), showed me her blog last summer. I enjoy visiting it to read about her many experiences and travels.

CLICK THIS LINK. Do you now see why a ladybug reminds me of her?

Thanks for your words, Sara. I’ve been living vicariously through you for the past year.

And now, the ladybug that spurred this post:

An artist out at sea

I just saw a commercial for some stupid new reality TV show. Here I am, trying to escape my little sliver of the universe by turning on the tube and devouring some humor from The Big Bang Theory (I love nerds), and I get interrupted from doing so when all of these stupid commercials come on that are advertising some new reality TV show. It was something about a neighborhood that had a wall up around it. I didn’t catch the name. I was instantly bombarded by thoughts concerning how stupid TV has gotten that I was too sidetracked to remember the damn name.

There are too many of these shows to name. VH1 and MTV are chock full of ’em. They come up with a new one each week starring someone who lost on a different reality TV show. (Ex: I Love New York, Megan Wants A Millionaire, Daisy of Love, That’s Amore etc.) They start as one tiny twig and then branch off into a million other shows. And what about those Laguna Beach shows? As if the world’s population wants to watch spoiled little rich kids running around in the California sunshine. Unfortunately, these shows have viewers. I can assure you that I am not among them.

Sure, it might be fun to forget about your life and get a peek into someone else’s who is more privileged than you are, but is it really that fun? Fun enough to watch the show religiously and worship the people on it? Do the viewers know that probably half of the stuff isn’t even reality? And that in real life NO ONE looks like those people? I guess not.

When I watch TV (which isn’t often), it’s to be entertained by something that isn’t real. Something that could never happen. (Ex: SpongeBob draws with a pencil an artist out at sea dropped and the doodle comes to life.) It’s that kind of thing. I’m too busy trying to live my life to pause everything and watch someone else live theirs.

Floating shopping lists

I honestly could not tell you the last time I viewed an episode of SpongeBob or Jimmy Neutron or Fairly Oddparents. These cartoons that used to provide me with so much laughter have been left behind in the dust of my recently busy weeks.

I don’t care. I’m fifteen years old (close to sixteen!) and I adore cartoons. I don’t think this will ever stop. There’s so much adult humor involved in these cartoons that it’s amazing that children even get enjoyment out of them.

I don’t exactly know what’s up with me lately though. Every time I have the TV remote in my possession, I always find something else to watch (which isn’t very often – since I don’t have the remote in my grasp often and I have rarely spent time watching TV lately).  I’ll see that House is on on USA or find a live concert of Styx or something and just have to watch that before I even check to see what is on on Nickelodeon.

Still, even in these weeks where I have been “deprived” of cartoonage, I have the favorite parts of those cartoons I love that still hang around with me.

SpongeBob: “Ahhhh! A FLOATING SHOPPING LIST!” (Eggs, Milk, Bread) and

Cosmo: “Here I come – Mr. Fairy Universe!”

These favorite lines EVER from my favorite cartoons make me laugh whenever I even think about them. Thank Gawd for Mr. Fairy Universe and those gosh darn floating shopping lists.

No, Miley. I don’t ever wish to be a “Fly On The Wall”

I feel like ranting. Hope you’re ready for this.

I just viewed Miley Cyrus’s video for “Fly On The Wall.” Now, I didn’t mean to watch it, I was perfectly happy with the 3OH!3 video that was before it, but I cannot control the playlist on Playlist. Though I wish I could, sadly I cannot.

She is so annoying. I hate all of these pop artists that think they are hot shit and stuff. They think that absolutely everyone loves them, even though quite a few people obviously don’t. Another example is Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable.” Now, I respect Beyonce more than Miley, but the whole “I could have another you in a minute” really cheesed me off. Yes, Beyonce, now we know that you are a whore and like it. Good for you! Now shut up.

Anyway, back to Miley.

It just feels like the perfect time to rant about her again. Remember my post from over the summer? Ha… well, here’s more.

I didn’t mind her when she first appeared out of nowhere. I watched Hannah Montana every once in awhile and kind of liked it. After some time, she definitely didn’t grow on me. SpongeBob did, but she didn’t. After the whole Vanity Fair fiasco all I remember thinking is “ew.” I never was a fan of hers, but after the magazine thing, I didn’t care for her at all. Here she is, this role model on Disney Channel for all of these young kids that love and adore her, and then she has to do something like that. Gross.

Her voice is awful, I don’t think she’s that pretty, and her chipmunk teeth annoy the hell out of me. The part in the music video when the “paparazzis” start dancing really got to me. She’s just standing there with her mouth part way open and her teeth sticking out. Very attractive. She’s obviously trying to break free of “cute little Miley” and trying to be “bad ass Miley.” It’s not working. All of these Disney people seem to think they have to prove that they aren’t as “goody goody” as they seem. It’s starting to get a little annoying, to tell you the truth.

I feel bad for all of the young kids that look up to this Miley character. Pretty soon they’ll be wearing really tight jeans and throwing their hair about in an attempt to be like Miley, who tries to be sexy. She’s a little older than I am, but she is acting like she’s in her twenties. If being a “Fly On The Wall” means having to listen to stupid gossip and hair products and clothes and shoes, well, I hope they see me and swat me. Or…I could buzz around her head and annoy the hell out of her. Yes, that sounds much better. In the meantime, I’ll stick with only ONE “Fly On The Wall.” Instead of watching Miley’s horrible video, go read the book Fly On The Wall by e. lockhart. It’s far better than any song Miley will ever sing. (Attempt to sing…)

Service available until midnight

From seven-thirty in the evening to 12:00 midnight yesterday, I was locked up in a house with two little girls. Now, maybe I shouldn’t use “locked up” because I felt nothing like how I felt when I babysat my terror of a cousin. No, these girls were little angels compared to my cousin and her little sister. Nobody was bossing ME around, and instead of begging for food all the time, the eldest kept wanting to play games and color and watch movies. Easy as cake.

I learned that three-year-olds are, in fact, tolerable, some six-year-olds aren’t as terrible as the rest of them, and that Hannah Montana is wayyyy too popular among youngsters. The cartoon version of the Eloise books are as cute as the actual movie with that adorable little girl, the people who make up preschool kid shows must be wanting them to learn Spanish (ex: Handy Manny, Go Diego Go!, and Dora The Explorer) and I am now out of the loop when it comes to Disney Channel (I didn’t know that those twins on that one show had gotten so big!). I learned never to believe a thing that the six-year-old said to me, the game Elefun is not fun unless there are batteries inside it, and nail polish bottles should be made childproof. I saw The Wiggles for the first time, and yes, it’s a great way for young kids to exercise and dance in front of the TV, but those four men gave me the creeps. I am sure that they probably are made of money because of this show, but the whole time we were watching it, I just wanted to say: “you know what they are really saying, right? Between every song they are probably saying: IhatemylifeIhatemylifeIhatemyjobIhatemyjob….” but obviously, I couldn’t. Their mouth movements did not even match up with the singing…I am sure that if this show had been out when I was little I would have adored it, but right now I don’t. The Wiggles definitely scared me.

It was a fun (and tiring) night. We played in a sink full of bubbles (and got soaked, I might add), made smoothies, played Polly Pockets and had fun with their Furr-Real friends (the giant horse and the cute little kitty). As for the TV shows we watched…. I think I will stick with my SpongeBob.