Think before you speak

It isn’t until something happens to you, your family or someone you know that you realize just how much words can hurt. Do you remember “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?” I personally learned that saying from a Big Comfy Couch episode. Loonette The Clown and her dolly, Molly, taught me this lesson. I have since learned that it is not always true.

I have a mouth like a sailor, but I steer clear of certain words and insults. I try really hard not to say words like “retard” or “retarded” to call or describe someone. If someone in my company utters these, I feel instant embarrassment. Who knows who heard and if he/she takes offense to that? You never know.

We live in a world full of insensitive, selfish people. The next time you jokingly call someone “brain damaged,” think of a different adjective.

Think about whose company you’re in before you call someone “retarded” or “handicapped.”

And the next time you slur “shoot me” or “I’m going to kill myself,” take a moment to reflect. Maybe someone in your group of friends has had to deal with a bonafide situation like that with someone close to them.

Throw those words around like you won’t insult people. Just don’t be surprised when someone is deeply affected.

The keyboard is mightier than the sword

And now I’m back to the whole “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” thing. I’ve never broken a bone in my body, but I’m sure sticks and stones (if they were thrown at me with great force) would do the trick. Words will never hurt me, but they could give me injuries in another way. Apparently, what I write sets people off sometimes. So, words don’t technically hurt me, but people could read my words and then throw sticks and stones at me (with great force) thus breaking my bones. But, this is the price I must pay for being extremely opinionated. I’m not going to sit back and let things happen. I’m going to write and write and write and hopefully make a difference with my words. It’s the path I have chosen. Goodbye, yellow brick road. Hello, sensible rusty red brick.

I make mistakes and learn from them. Next time I’ll remember that the keyboard is mightier than the sword, but that probably won’t stop me from voicing my opinion once again and getting sticks and stones thrown at me with the intention of breaking my bones.

I’m sorry…

I have found that though “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” some people don’t live by that. Words hurt some people. Those who don’t live by what I live by get hurt whenever someone says something about them that is intentionally hurtful. I never really realized that because that wasn’t a problem for me. But now it’s my problem that words I say hurt people.

Sometimes when I’m joking around about something people take it too literally and then they are hurt by what I said. It doesn’t matter if I was joking, I still said it, right? I guess that’s how other people feel about what I say.

When I go off on a rant or a heated tangent I don’t think about what I’m saying. When I’m not ranting, I think before I speak. When I’m in full-on Rant Mode, you’d better watch out because mean things are going to erupt out of my stupid volcano of a mouth. I’m sorry if you were part of one of my rants. I’m sorry if I said something I didn’t mean. I’m sorry if I hurt you.