Resolutions: take 15

I have not been very… dedicated to my past resolutions. Last year I didn’t make any because my Spanish teacher made us make some out in Spanish. Yuck. That ruined it for me. Well, this year is going to be different. I have asked a friend to aid me in the process of quitting the two things I plan to, well, quit. Not quit cold turkey…but ease my way into the process of quitting. I have already started.

1.) Swearing – I have been swearing up the wazoo for as long as I can remember. It all started when I began playing Halo 2 online with my brother, and yeah, you tend to curse when you lose. That’s exactly what I did (even though I am actually not bad at Halo by any means). Then came my first year of Varsity cross country. My teammate (and yes, one of my very good friends) was the one who really taught me how to swear. It was eff this and eff that day in and day out. I have to be careful when I am around younger kids – it takes a lot of my self control not to utter a single swear word. My friend is going to help me quit this habit.

2.) Knuckle cracking – I am noticing that my knuckles have gotten bigger over the years, and they are not very attractive. I don’t have… pretty hands anymore because of my obsessive knuckle cracking. I crack my knuckles when I am nervous, when I am bored, and when I know my parents will be annoyed by it. Well, I plan to stop. However, back cracking and neck cracking are still permitted.

Those are the two things I plan to cut from my life in the next year. Hello, 2009. Hello pretty hands and clean mouth.

Soaked to the bone

School started a few days ago, and despite my mourning of the end of summer, I think that it will actually be okay. This week it has been all about football. Football this. Football that. Football football football. The cheerleaders wore their “cute” little uniforms to school today, and pranced around with blue and white ribbons in their hair. (I have actually tried on one of those uniforms, and let me tell you, they are definitely not cute.) The football players sauntered through the hallways with their dumb jock expressions and their ugly jerseys. The Varsity jerseys are okay, actually, it is the Junior Varsity jerseys that are messed up and ugly and stained. Yuck.

I play the flute and piccolo in our school band. Yes, I am, in fact, a band geek. Our band director told us to show up to the “big” football game at 6:45, for the game was due to begin at seven o’clock. I got home from cross country practice and lounged around for a little while, glancing nervously at the clock every now and then. I began to get ready when the time was right, and put on a white tank top (black tank top underneath), blue jeans and flip flops. I had no idea that I would be freezing my tush off for the rest of the night.

I played my piccolo along with the band every time the ref blew the whistle, and stopped when they began playing again. Pretty soon, tiny raindrops began to fall. My friend who sat beside me was chanting “It’s not going to rain! It’s not going to rain!” Let me just say that her little chant did not work.

It started pouring. I hurriedly stuffed my piccolo into its case, and ran off to join my brother and one of my very good friends. We walked around the facility and soon enough I was so soaked that I did not even care that my feet were splashing around in the puddles. I talked with friends, got told that I made a “wise” choice for wearing a white tank top, and soon my teeth were chattering so fiercely that I could not even make them stop.

All I craved was a hot shower. A nice long, hot shower to wash away all of the rain water. Right when I got home, I put my wet clothes in the washer, and enjoyed a shower. After being showered on by raindrops, it was everything I needed.

P.S. The team ended up winning. Woohoo. (Again, sarcasm.)