Resolutions: take 15

I have not been very… dedicated to my past resolutions. Last year I didn’t make any because my Spanish teacher made us make some out in Spanish. Yuck. That ruined it for me. Well, this year is going to be different. I have asked a friend to aid me in the process of quitting the two things I plan to, well, quit. Not quit cold turkey…but ease my way into the process of quitting. I have already started.

1.) Swearing – I have been swearing up the wazoo for as long as I can remember. It all started when I began playing Halo 2 online with my brother, and yeah, you tend to curse when you lose. That’s exactly what I did (even though I am actually not bad at Halo by any means). Then came my first year of Varsity cross country. My teammate (and yes, one of my very good friends) was the one who really taught me how to swear. It was eff this and eff that day in and day out. I have to be careful when I am around younger kids – it takes a lot of my self control not to utter a single swear word. My friend is going to help me quit this habit.

2.) Knuckle cracking – I am noticing that my knuckles have gotten bigger over the years, and they are not very attractive. I don’t have… pretty hands anymore because of my obsessive knuckle cracking. I crack my knuckles when I am nervous, when I am bored, and when I know my parents will be annoyed by it. Well, I plan to stop. However, back cracking and neck cracking are still permitted.

Those are the two things I plan to cut from my life in the next year. Hello, 2009. Hello pretty hands and clean mouth.

“Knitting up the wazoo”

I have been “knitting up the wazoo” a lot lately. Maybe it’s because Christmas is so close and my goal of creating twenty works of art in one month is coming to an end. Maybe it’s because I have… six things? to knit by the day before Christmas Eve. No pressure, Em.

I started knitting within the week after my birthday (over a month ago). Now I am the knitting expert, and can knit and purl without even looking at my work. I can cast on and cast off with my eyes closed and have come to own three pairs of needles within the past month. I went from one who always dreamed of knitting, to one who everyone comes to with their knitting problems and questions. My mom asks me for my help (she refreshed her memory of knitting when I learned how to), and I have been asked to cast on some yarn for a friend of mine, though she ended up frogging what I casted on. I have made about eight – or more…I’m not keeping track – regular scarves (all piled on my desk in my room), and now I am experimenting with the stockinette stitch, and making other things besides scarves. (Scarves are boring and take too long to make, even though I whip ’em up like nothing.) All I need is to learn the knitting lingo and some new and interesting stitches, and I am on my way to scarves, hats (once I get longer needles), and even totes and bags and such.

My teachers are getting somewhat annoyed with my constant “click-swishing.” Yes, I even bring my knitting to school – where else am I to knit up things for my family without them finding out? Everyone laughed at me and asked “what the HECK are you doing?” the first day I brought the needles and such to school, but now it’s just the norm. “Oh, Emily’s knitting again – I wonder what she’s making now?!?!” Some people want me to teach them how to knit and others are telling me that they knew how a while back and just stopped. Well, a knitting club is to be started soon (assuming I can live to tell the tale after these past two hectic weeks of endless “click-swishing” come to an abrupt halt). One of my friends seems mesmerized whenever I pull out my needles and yarn… it’s rather creepy, actually.

I should probably be upstairs finishing the scarf I just started five hours ago (yes, I am nearly finished). After that, I must make a secret something for a friend, another secret something for another friend, and then I’ll start on another scarf. By Monday, I wish to be carrying with me the yarn I bought to make my dad a scarf. That is, of course, assuming I get all of my other tasks finished first.