I quit and stared out the window

I sat in the backseat of the car, cursing my misfortune. Sure, I was uber thankful, but I knew I hadn’t thought any of it through.

Tonight I discovered that I truly don’t belong. I also received a reminder that not all friends are good ones. So, there I sat. Listening to some awful pick-me-up girl music that is usually accompanied by a gallon of Rocky Road. Instead, I was literally on a rocky road. My teeth chattered, my legs shook with the cold in my skimpy pink tights and all I wanted was to be anywhere but where I was. When the fifth member of our overcrowded party joined us, I groaned inwardly.

I wanted to be with Taylor. Sitting in the front seat, jamming to Lady GaGa, drinking our Tim Horton’s cocoa, digesting our bagels and cramming McDonald’s fries was a more than welcome alternative. Instead, I was sitting between two bickering girls and could hear the talking/”he texted you, what do you want to say?” crap that was going on in the two front seats. I was stuck in a world where I simply didn’t belong. I was crowded in and surrounded by cheerleaders, listening to the horrid “Glee!” soundtrack and gritting my teeth uncomfortably. All I wanted was to break out my iPod and play some Every Time I Die or something to express the screaming in my head in a way that couldn’t possibly hurt the ears of others.

I tried to break the ice, but when they showed no enthusiasm, I quit and stared out the window. I guess that just shows what kind of people they are.

It’s still July 2008 to me

The calendar in my room says that it is still July 2008. It has taken me a whole year to build up enough guts to tap on its shoulder, come face-to-face with it and make it admit that it is wrong. I’m scared to get its reaction to this news, but it needs to face the facts. July 2008 is long gone. July 2009 is almost gone. It has been July in my room all year long, and I think it’s time to change it.

It’s a Nickelodeon magnetic calendar, okay? All I have to do is switch the days around to meet the correct days of the week and add on a couple “FRIEND’S BIRTHDAY!” and “FAMILY BIRTHDAY!” here and there to complete my work of art. I promised myself that when July 2009 was over I would change it, and here I am…a whole year later. I thought that by not switching my calendar I could trap time and keep it from moving. Now I’m ready to face the fact that I can’t. I’ve been in denial all year; it’s time to move on.

So, in a few minutes Kevin, it will no longer be July 2008 in my room anymore. Goodbye childhood. Hello, August 2009. Welcome to my Nickelodeon cartoon magnetic calendar that is meant for a 10-year-old boy. I guess I have to work on this “growing up” thing, huh?