Resolutions: take 15

I have not been very… dedicated to my past resolutions. Last year I didn’t make any because my Spanish teacher made us make some out in Spanish. Yuck. That ruined it for me. Well, this year is going to be different. I have asked a friend to aid me in the process of quitting the two things I plan to, well, quit. Not quit cold turkey…but ease my way into the process of quitting. I have already started.

1.) Swearing – I have been swearing up the wazoo for as long as I can remember. It all started when I began playing Halo 2 online with my brother, and yeah, you tend to curse when you lose. That’s exactly what I did (even though I am actually not bad at Halo by any means). Then came my first year of Varsity cross country. My teammate (and yes, one of my very good friends) was the one who really taught me how to swear. It was eff this and eff that day in and day out. I have to be careful when I am around younger kids – it takes a lot of my self control not to utter a single swear word. My friend is going to help me quit this habit.

2.) Knuckle cracking – I am noticing that my knuckles have gotten bigger over the years, and they are not very attractive. I don’t have… pretty hands anymore because of my obsessive knuckle cracking. I crack my knuckles when I am nervous, when I am bored, and when I know my parents will be annoyed by it. Well, I plan to stop. However, back cracking and neck cracking are still permitted.

Those are the two things I plan to cut from my life in the next year. Hello, 2009. Hello pretty hands and clean mouth.

Play progress: day three

For the past three days, I have been brainstorming my play-to-be. The deadline is January 7th and yes, I am feeling the stress crush me. Maybe if I had not have put it off this long I would be better off… Naw…I do my best work after taking some time to procrastinate.

Day one I created my characters. I came up with their names, stated their current age, created life behind the otherwise meaningless name, and gave some thought as to what the heck this play was going to be about. Well, I think I finally settled on one of my ideas.

One idea was to write about the secret lives of nuns – what they do when they are not attending church, praying, or just endlessly worshiping this “God.” It was to be all about how they have accounts on XBOX live and enjoy blowing things up on Grand Theft Auto, or shooting people in Call of Duty and Halo. The funny thing was that they were going to be extremely good at said video games. They could probably kick my ass… and yes, I know that they are only characters in my mind.

I honestly cannot remember my other ideas (I have them written down somewhere…I do not feel like getting up to find them), but I think that the one I have ended up with is going to be successful. It started out as one thing, shifted into something else, and now it has resulted in a play that is completely different and yet extremely similar to my original idea. I have a great start on ACT II, and shall post said play once I am finished writing the whole play. Until then, I shall post day-to-day updates to showcase my progress. I have to finish by next Wednesday, so this won’t be going on forever, do not worry.