On to the next one with Escape The Fate (Older article)

It is somewhat advisable to stick with the old cliche: out with the old, in with the new. Escape the Fate is back and doing just that.

After “losing” former lead singer Ronnie Radke, the band recruited former blessthefall lead vocalist Craig Mabbit to fill Radke’s shoes. Although this replacement has been raising eyebrows since it became public, one cannot deny that the boys of Escape the Fate are bold for unveiling an album with an entirely different voice leading the way.

The boys released new single “The Flood” weeks prior to the big album release, bracing their older fans for the change that lay ahead. Despite a leak on the Internet, “This War Is Ours” hit the shelves Oct. 21 and exploded into the ears of many eager fans.

The album introduces itself with “We Won’t Back Down,” an energizing number that really gets Escape the Fate’s point across. Bryan “Monte” Money’s guitar-playing is beautifully musical, his guitar seeming to sing a tune all its own.

The Ashleys of the world won’t be disappointed to find that their name is the title of Track 3 on the album. If your name happens to be Ashley, simply press play, close your eyes, and pretend that Craig is singing a song just for you. “Ashley, baby, you make me feel so alive. I’ve got purpose once again. Yeah, yeah.”

The word so scarcely heard (if at all) in their first album now seems to be quite plentiful in this album. The word “baby” can also be heard in “Harder Than You Know” — probably the softest song Escape the Fate has ever released. The gentle lyrics are supported by soft “Ahhhs” in the background, and a nice calm guitar part that builds up to form the climax of the song, and then comes back down. Definitely not the Escape the Fate that fans have come to know and love, but perhaps it is a nice change.

Many fans were apprehensive about this album release while others embraced it. You’ll find many Ronnie vs. Craig arguments all over the Internet if you know where to look. Fans of Escape the Fate who have learned to accept Craig will enjoy this new album and sound that the band has produced.

Fans might miss Radke’s occasional shrieks and squeals from “Dying Is Your Latest Fashion,” but Mabbit brings something new to the table. With a new lead vocalist, the boys of Escape The Fate are trudging across the battlefield, fighting a war that is theirs.

KEY TRACKS: “We Won’t Back Down,” “On to the Next One,” “The Flood,” “This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II)”

Emily Steves is a sophomore at Gowanda.

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