Blue by U!

When I got that phone call I seriously wanted to slam the phone down and run to my room.

Thoughts running through my mind during the telephone call: HELP OUT WITH A YOUTH TRACK PROGRAM?!?!?!? Can she possibly be SERIOUS?!?!?  I stopped babysitting because I reached the realization that I DON’T like kids. Now that I’ve agreed to help out I have to spend every Tuesday and Thursday with a bunch of little brats? What am I getting myself into?

Yeah, that’s about it. She asked me to help coach the Blue by U track program with Kevin and Cliff who had already spent time coaching for a week and a half. Last year she had a group of children only half the size of the group this year. She was in over her head. But just a little bit.

So, I said “sure!” …and then I wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out. She sounded desperate, and that won me over. It wasn’t that I spoke before I thought (I’ve learned that thinking before speaking is essential in this world), it was that I truly wanted to help out. I’m glad I said “sure!”

A month later, here I am. The program is over (well, they have a meet on Thursday, but I have plans with friends that day so I am unable to attend) and I’m really glad that I offered my services. I met a great bunch of kids (and sure, a few pips here and there). The girls basically worshiped me and the boys never stopped trying to race me with hopes of beating me (I may have crushed their spirits a bit). The coaches thought Cliff, Kevin, Christian and I were experts on everything having to do with track. I guess we all kind of are. We’re all running nerds.

All in all, it was a great experience. The kids I got to work with were great (for the most part). The girls that acted bratty around the boys (Cliff, Kevin and Christian) ended up being absolute sweethearts to me. The boys that were troublemakers for me ended up loving all of the older boys. I was just like the girls when I was little. I didn’t want anything to do with boys, and whenever I saw an older girl (like the age I am now) I wanted to be their best friend. That’s exactly what these girls did to me. They wouldn’t leave me alone. It was really neat.

I’m glad I volunteered. Not only can I walk away from the track with a smile on my face, but I can also put this on any resumé I make up in the future with Coach Jen as my reference. She suckered me into all this, and I’m really glad she did. I had a blast.

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