Little running M&Ms

A sea of M&Ms took off as the gun sounded. Someone had carefully organized them into neat rows by color and then with the pull of the trigger they were mixed back together as if someone had shoved the rows with their giant hands. They ran by me and stirred up mud and sweat along the way. Never have I heard a crowd cheer so loud for what appeared to be little running M&Ms.

I became one of them. Donned in my own orange tee shirt and my tiny blue shorts, I stood in the box that was once marked with a six and took my place on the white line with my identical M&M friends. The rain poured down upon us all, and when the smoke showed, we all melted together in the midst of the heavy rainfall. My M&M-y vision blurred as we ran up the slippery hill and then plummeted back down. Several of my M&M sisters slipped into the vast mud pit at the bottom, but more of them stayed upright and continued their quest to the finish line where warm clothes waited.

More sisters were left behind in the mud as we all fought through the cold, cold rain but there was nothing I could do. I wanted to stop and help them up so bad, but knew that that would only slow me down. And, we couldn’t have that at the biggest meet in the state.

Before I knew it, I had broken away from my other M&Ms and became a lone orange one. Ahead I could see a few of my orange sisters and knew I had to keep up with them. Slipping and sliding in the mud and dirtying my poor little M&M self, I ran around the field and into the finish with a new personal record and a placing I could be proud of. Just like that, I became the 24th M&M to cross and with that the 24th best runner in the state for Class C.

When I watched that first race of the day take off, to me, they resembled a whole bunch of M&Ms running around due to the different tee shirts colors according to the different sections. All day, I was nervous, but I couldn’t wait to become an M&M and show off the orange for Section 6. I couldn’t wait to represent my school, my section, my family and most importantly, myself. I was proud of my nineteen minutes and fifty-eight seconds spent as just another little orange M&M.

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