Whoa, Memories!

I am currently taking a trip down memory lane. My computer’s screen saver popped up and album covers flipped around. I decided to play some music. Nelly Furtado’s Whoa, Nelly! popped up as a cover, so I clicked on it.

I can still see this CD spinning around my purple portable CD player.

I finally received the CD player for Christmas when I was in third grade (I played the “my best friend has one!” card). I wanted Whoa, Nelly! because my high school idol had mentioned she loved the song “I’m Like A Bird.”

I still remember listening to the CD in the tent Adam got for Christmas that year.

It is amazing how our brains work. I have not taken the time to listen to this CD in years, but now it is playing and I know every word. Like now, “I’m trynna find a way / I’m trynna find a right / but if I budge I just might…”

I remember being appalled when I heard “shit” in one song and “fuck” twice – twice!  – in another. My third grade mind was blown when I realized my parents trusted me with the unedited version (though it is more probable that an unedited version was not available).

The cool thing is, I still like that music. My taste has evolved, and yet remained the same. It’s amazing what music can do.

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