Lesson not learned

I met a senior during the last few weeks of my freshman year at SBU who really made me stop and think.

Music loud. Townhouse full. Everyone either drunk or on their way there. She acted like she was, too. But she wasn’t.

My two friends and me, before our softball game.

Drunk, to her, meant drinking enough energy drinks to act crazy with everyone else. She was the only one on our softball team sober enough to make a couple of good plays (it helped that she was a former softball player, too). I asked her why she uses energy drinks as a substitute. Her answer sobered me up in a jiffy.

Two friends from her hometown got drunk and ended up drowning themselves. Either they couldn’t swim, or they could but forgot at that moment… I can’t remember which. The point is, they got so drunk that they met their death in the water.

She had another friend, too, who had died while drinking. I forget now how that story goes.

So here’s this girl who is over 21 and chooses not to drink with her friends. She looks on, but joins in to dance or play softball. She doesn’t dislike her friends – or anyone else, for that matter – because they drink. She thinks of her deceased friends and opts out. Everyone has a choice, and she has made hers.

I’m very proud of my friend from Bona’s who sticks to her guns.

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