No place like home

So many people I went to high school with are quick to say they can’t wait to leave our little hometown.

So many people I went to high school with are quick to diss the schooling system we went through.

What pisses me off even more is when someone who didn’t attend my school disses it. It’s okay when insult my brother, but don’t you dare even think about it. It’s that kind of a thing to me.

When I’m away from my hometown I don’t necessarily miss it, but you’d better believe I feel an extreme sense of comfort as soon as I hit the first intersection in my town on my way home from school. Just knowing the people in the restaurant to my left probably recognize my car and the person in it gives me a warm feeling. In this college town, everyone’s a stranger. Very seldom do I run into someone I know around here.

Living in a small town gives you more opportunities to stand out. You can be a big fish in a small pond like I was for so many years. When that’s suddenly taken away from you and nobody knows your name, left behind is a sense of emptiness. You can start fresh at college, but every face and personality is new. Gone are the people you spent over a decade in classes with. Gone are the people whose families you know well.

I can understand why you’d be excited to leave our little hometown, but don’t put it down. Your hometown and who you grow up around are what makes you you. You become yourself around your family, teachers, neighbors and friends. Don’t snub your own hometown; you end up dissing yourself.

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