“Sexting – and common sense”

“Eighteen-year-old Jessica Logan of Ohio committed suicide after her boyfriend put her naked photos out in public, but it was also girls who bullied and harassed her. The girl who trusted was socially ostracized more than the boy who violated that trust” (Goodman).

I am all about having an opinion, and it just so happens that Ellen Goodman and I share one on this particular subject. This article has helped me confirm the undeniable conclusion that girls are stupid.

Teenage girls get so absorbed in their “significant other” that nothing else is important to them. When the boyfriend texts and says “hey babe can I get some pics?” the girl will usually be more than happy to oblige. She will think he wants me! and give in to anything he asks. Girls want to feel loved, and when a boy feeds a girl what she wants to hear, she is all his.

I have common sense. I think about the consequences of my actions before I go through with them. If I have to think about something for thirty seconds or more, it probably is not a very good idea. I would never take part in this “sexting” because A) it is a stupid thing to do, and B) I do not even own a cellular telephone. Trust is vital, and honestly, most teenage boys cannot be trusted.

The girls who do have trust in someone have to face the consequences they never fathomed before. What really gets me in a tizzy is that boys have a choice. They can be responsible for a girl’s pain, humiliation, and the baby growing inside of her one minute, and then simply walk away the next. The girl is scarred for simply trusting somebody, but the male involved has no visible boo boos.

“Let’s not forget the sexism in sexting” (Goodman). Yeah, don’t remind me.

I’m strongly against all things sexting. Nobody considers the future consequences anymore and it is a shame. One mistake can screw up the whole problem for you on a math test . . . or it can ruin your life; like it did for Jessica Logan.

2 thoughts on ““Sexting – and common sense”

  • I completely agree with what you just said. Sexting is stupid and I don’t understand why some girls would bother giving into that stuff. All you really need in life is enough common sense. 🙂

  • You are so biased, my dear [but I love your writing, mucho mucho!]. But, my comments: “This article has helped me confirm the undeniable conclusion that girls are stupid. Teenage girls get so absorbed in their ‘significant other’ that nothing else is important to them” (Steves). Em, you are definitely generalizing. Plus it’s all part of growing up– that being absorbed phase. Granted, there are girls out there moronic enough to send pictures, but those of us with minds of our own would laugh out loud at anyone who asked us to. (The least a guy can do is buy dinner first.) In any case, it’s unfair to assume that any girl who cares for a guy would do stupid shit for them. But like I said, I love you and your blogs, so don’t take this personally at all 🙂

    <3!; k.

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