Even an inkling

Sometimes I wonder whether or not people possess even an inkling of common sense. The problem is, most don’t.

I’m sick of the Facebook statuses friends of mine are leaving for all to see. They are now in college to prepare for the career that they will probably lead from the time they step out of college to the time they decide they’ve had enough and retire. Do they not realize that leaving the statuses that they do could screw them and everything they’ve worked and paid for over in a matter of minutes? Future employers can access anything on a computer. What you thought you deleted can be brought up again and viewed by someone you might have had the chance to work for otherwise.

I guess my point is, why would someone get drunk and then reach for a computer to check their Facebook?  And why would they then leave a status that they will eventually see when they’re sober and slap themselves for leaving? Oh wait, the people that leave the stupid statuses don’t have enough common sense to realize that leaving a status like that is stupid. Silly me.

I’m sick of seeing someone I once was/am close with being stupid. If you want to go off and get drunk illegally, by all means, be my guest. I honestly couldn’t give a shit. It’s when you gloat about it and try to be cool about it that bugs me. That’s when I wonder if you know what you’re doing. That’s when I wonder if you know that you could be screwing yourself over completely.

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