How do we know?

Lately in my Earth Science class we have been studying the creation of the universe. This includes the “Big Bang” and yada yada yada. All this talk about our creation made me really dizzy and I began to have those thoughts that I often wonder about. How did we get here? What is the point of human existence? Are there other forms of life out there in space that we have yet to discover? Are these other forms of life wondering the same things as us? Gah, how it boggles my mind.

Studying this theory makes me feel extremely small. It also makes me feel so insignificant. In the grand scheme of things, I am just a speck on this Earth. The universe is HUMONGOUS…and I am just a tiny little person living my life day-to-day. Honestly, what is the point? Sometimes I think about human existence way too much and it really irks me that we have absolutely no answers as to why we are here. Yes, we have theories, but how do we know?

Maybe our purpose is better left unknown. I do not think I believe in this “Big Bang” theory…but I also do not think I believe in the “Creation” story. Where is this high and mighty God that everyone worships so diligently?

When we were watching a movie in Earth Science about how scientists think the world began, I was surprised to find that two of my very religious friends stayed put. If I were them, and what we were learning went beyond what I believe, I definitely would have walked out.

I do not know yet…religion and science just do not mix. Believe whatever you wish to believe, but I am still uncertain.

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