Everything happens for a reason. I totally and truly believe in it.

When I have made my brother and I late to school because I took too much time getting ready, I just think that maybe, because of my lateness, we avoided a fatal car accident. Maybe leaving earlier could have resulted in being forced to drive behind an extremely slow grandpa-driver with no chance of passing due to the double line that could have possibly made us late anyway. Then again, maybe being late isn’t the worst thing in the world. Said slow-driver could actually be saving our lives. Perhaps because we are following behind him at snail speed we are avoiding a collision with another car. Yes, I think about these things.

I am super paranoid all the time. I question myself and whether I have done something or not. “Did you unplug your hair straightener, Em?”

“Yeah…I did…at least I’m pretty sure I did. Wait, can we go back so I can check and make sure?”

With an exaggerated sigh and a moment or two of scolding me, whomever is driving will then turn around and head back home just so I can make sure I unplugged something. Of course, I always unplug my hair straightener, but I am never completely sure, even though I know deep down that I really did. This brings me back to my point of predestination. What if I had left it on and our whole house had burst into flames? What then, huh? If my parents sense a threat to their house or whatever, we turn right around even though it’s always for me and my paranoia. If we hadn’t have turned around we could have been involved in a car accident. I am thinking you can sense my greatest fear by now: death by car accident. I do not want to die whilst shut up in a car.

Predestination. I believe in it and I live by the rules of it. Everything that happens everyday happens for a reason. There is some reason why I am writing on my blog right now, I just don’t know yet. Everything happens for a reason, even if the reason why isn’t very clear.

3 thoughts on “Predestination

  • I think I have a concept of what you mean. About two months ago My Best friend and I were in a really bad car accident. Its truly a miracle how we survived. I remember getting out of school that day rushing to the car becuase we had some exciting things to do that night. When I got to my car ( By the way 2000 Mitsubishi Galant) I reached in my pockets for they keys and they were notthere. I rushed back into the school to find them lying upon my desk. It just felt that something was trying to tell me dont drive or dont rush…whatever the case could be. I took one of my friends home before I picked my best friend up ( speeding as usual) we made it to his house fine. I came back and picked my best friend up and we were on our way. I remember thinking whether I should get gas then or wait until we got to where we were going. I decided to get gas at that moment but it was weird because I felt this strange feeling that I should wait to get gas. Well we preceeded on our way after leaving the gas station. There is a backroad where I live at that is a shorter way to get to the next town. I always take it and unfortuanely I always speed on it. ( KEEP IN MIND A VERYCURVY UNLEVELED ROAD) We got to one curve and that was all it took. We found our selves smaking a tree with the back end of my car then smashing right into another one. To this day I still feel so bad becuase I know that my friend had a very high chance of dying. The car was absolutely totaled…BIG TIME! I often wonder what would have happened if I wouldnt have took that road or if I would have changed my reaction of overcorrecting.

  • I like your idea of predestination. I really think about it sometimes and it so mind consuming, if that is even the right term. kinda scary though! Emily I will do my best to not get in an accident with you in the car, I swear. I have been in too many car accidents that I have not been the driver in that could have turned out badly.
    This summer in Ohio I was riding with a person I never met. (and he was creepy) But I had excepted an invitation to go with one of my best friends to Cedar Point. It was a graduation gift to her from this guy, he was younger maybe mid twenties and a total creeper! I feel like I should have never gone just to avoid the whole situtation. Anyways on the way home (which I was very excited, only after two days I was wishing I hadn’t gone. I had even called my mother crying about how I should have stayed home)…. anyways on the way home we had just left, he merged us into a semi!!!! What a total dumbass!! He was clearly not looking at what he was doing, either that or just trying to kill my friend and I. The semi was to the right of us, needless to say my friend was in the passenger seat and I sitting right behind her, and the creeper driving. I can still picture in my head that horrible moment of me looking over at the window seeing the bottom of a semi trailer coming at my face (not something any sane human ever wants to see in their life, trust me!!) I just ducked my head over onto the seat to the left of me, and my window shattered in all over me, and I’m not really sure what happened next. It was very rough and I thought for sure we were going to get crushed. But then we made it over to the shoulder some how, none of us damaged.
    My window was the only one that had broken and the car was dented in the front and back but strangely no dents on either of the passenger doors. It is rather clear to me that some greater being had taken control of the vehicle then the dumb ass driving and steered us to safety. We had barely stopped moving and I pushed my self off the seat to try to get out of the glass, and just kept saying I’m fine but let me out of here. I have never wanted to get out of a car worse in my life then that moment.
    Amazingly I barely got a couple tiny scratches on my leg!! of course there was glass shards in my clothing which was very uncomfortable, but no damge done. Is there a category in the Guiness Book of World records for having a window break on you and barely getting a scratch? I don’t understand how it happened I’m just glad I’m ok. It may not be the best lesson learned but what I got from this accident was:
    ~I should be more careful with my life, as in who I trust it with and how careful I am with my self.
    ~How much my family loves me and would do anything for me (since my dad drove to Ohio the second I called him to come get me)
    ~and also to maybe not be so adventurous and just go do things with people I have no clue about. Most people want to be more spontaneous and adventurous, but I think I could stay in my shell for a while.
    Oh and I bought a hair straightner that automatically turns off after being on for one hour!! And it beeps every hour to make sure its off. Great invention I must say. Kudos to the maker, very smart. And just because I can be quite absent minded at times I unplug it when I’m done using it. Just to be sure there is no chance of it burning down my house.
    Well just wanted to share that little happening, I do not think I ever told you, as I have not told most people unless the topic comes up. But car accidents are scary no doubt!!! That is why I always pledge to be caredul when I am driving, especially with other passengers in the car.

  • Wow.
    I never knew…
    Aw Kelc! *hugs*.
    I love you. Thanks for sharing that with me (and whomever reads my blog). I’m happy you’re okay, too! <3333
    (Thank you for reading my blog – I find my writing kind of boring, but I guess people like it!)

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